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Do you offer a money back guarantee?

Yes, If you are unsatisfied with any product for any reason return them for a 100% refund.

Does you Joint Flex oil help with Arthritis?

Yes, our Joint oil has been designed to be powerfully soothing for the treatment of all joint problems, including Osteoarthritis.

Here is a testimonial from Denise Wilton.

I am so grateful that I met Steve at a Networking meeting. I heard how a testimonial from another attendee about his therapeutic oils had helped them and I was quite sceptical at first. I’ve had osteoarthritis in both hands for over 4 years now and at times the bony joints become sore and stiff. I’ve been using the Body Therapy joint oil now for 3 weeks and the movement I have in my fingers is far improved. I also suffered an injury to my foot and ankle which was a high impact injury, after ice and regular application of the After Sports oil and Joint Oil the swelling had dramatically gone down and the Therapy oil has helped with the pain. I can’t explain how the oils work but they do. I wouldn’t be without them now. Thank you Steve!

Will your Sports Oils help to avoid DOMS?

Yes, here is a testimonial from Sam Mileham – GB Triathlete

I’ve used the pre sports oil for a while now and have found they are brilliant at warming my muscles up even before you start a warm up. Especially in cold conditions the oils are perfect for getting my muscles going! The after sports oil really works! Stops DOMS and prevents the stiffness I would normally get after a tough training session! My recovery has improved and makes sure I can train hard the next day without feeling any aches or pains from the day before!

Will your Sports Oils help with a hamstring sprain?

Yes, here is a testimonial from Rob Jones

I have used the after sports oil and it has worked wonders after I recently tore my hamstring. I highly recommend this oil and look forward to trying the other products in the range.

Does your Pre Sports oil help to improve your warm up?

Yes, the Pre Sports Oil increases blood circulation to enhance your warm up & minimise the risk of injury.

Will the After Sports Oil help with a muscle strain?

Yes, here is a testimonial from Stuart Goodship – Cobham, Kent

I have been using The Body Therapy’s After Sports Oil and I must say I am very impressed. I used this for my back when I was suffering with pain caused by some kind of muscle strain. Upon application of the After Sports Oil I felt relief from the strain within 10 minutes. This relief continued until my back healed every time I applied it.

Are all the products natural?

Yes, all our our Sports therapeutic oils are 100% pure and natural.

Are your oils organic?

No, not all of our oils are Organic,

“Organic” means that a farm or commercial growing operation has been certified by the soil association, but many of the best growers around the world and those that gather wild plants can never produce “organic” oils because it is only feasible to certify commercially farmed plants as “organic” but, farmed plants are often lacking much of what only mother nature and the weather can put into a plant.

What do you mean by therapeutic grade?

All our oils are selected on the basis of their therapeutic efficacy rather than any other criteria such as fragrance – each and every oil we use fully delivers to therapeutic expectations and standards.

Where do your oils come from?

Our oils come from all over the world. We work with a number of specialist suppliers and importers to ensure our supply of therapeutic grade oils – every oil is from a specified plant species and country of origin.

Are the products free from nuts?

No – please check the product ingredient list as some of our products contain Sweet Almond and Coconut oils

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