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Our Story

I started The Body Therapy Company because I was fed up with suffering from a very painful lower back for many years.

I had tried numerous products available to help with my back problem, but nothing really helped.

A chance encounter one day with a Clinical Aromatherapist changed everything. We discussed at length, the different health issues he helps people with.

He offered to use his 45 years of experience to create a range of therapeutic grade products to help treat a range of issues, including arthritis, fibromyalgia, aches & pains, and to improve sports performance and recovery.

I was sceptical at first but agreed to try an all natural oil based product to help to minimise my back pain. To my amazement, I experienced almost instant relief from an agonising nerve pain.

Impressed, I then tried another product designed to help with muscle soreness after a gym workout, Again I was very impressed by the result.

This is how the Body Therapy Company began, to share these special products, enhancing health and well being.

Steve Reilly
Founder & Managing Director,
The Body Therapy Company

Our Philosophy

  • To provide a range of effective products that genuinely improve the health and wellbeing of our customers .
  • Total commitment to excellent customer service.
  • 100% money back guarantee if the product does not completely satisfy.


Therapeutic Oils to help treat osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia and aches and pains.

Sports Oils to improve your sports performance, recovery, and help to treat a wide range of injuries.


Purity Statement

All the Oils supplied by The Body Therapy Company are very complex mixtures of Essential Oils. These are all natural plant extracts that are controlled to the highest levels of purity. Each essential oil is sourced from a known, approved supplier, and subjected to physical and chemical testing to ensure that it is an Essential Oil of the highest quality, free of adulteration or contamination.

All the Essential Oils used in our Therapeutic Oils are subjected to analysis using Gas Liquid Chromatography (GLC), which is capable of routinely identifying constituents and possible contaminants down to a few parts per billion!

Each component Essential Oil, and every Oil supplied by The Body Therapy Company has our guarantee of quality and every Blend supplied by The Body Therapy Company comes with our Unconditional Guarantee:

“If you are dissatisfied with any item – send it back; you will be credited in full”.

What Our Customers Have To Say


Susan Lambie
“I can honestly say that since my left knee microfracture 3 years ago ; since starting the process with the joint oil my knee has been less stiff in the morning. My house was built in 1800s…I no longer go downstairs sideways. I walk down normally, very happy! It works, I’m testament to that. Thank you.”

Denise Wilton
“I’ve had osteoarthritis in both hands for over 4 years now and at times the bony joints become sore and stiff. I’ve been using the Body Therapy joint oil now for 3 weeks and the movement I have in my fingers is far improved.”

Grace Kelly
“I have suffered for over 30 years with painful knees that I actually started to walk downstairs backwards as the pain can sometimes be unbearable. I have the joint oil, the relieving oil and the muscle ease oil. You only need a few drops of each and I applied these oils three times a day. Within a week the pain started to diminish. I have not stopped using them though I forget now and again because the pain is almost non-existent.”

Andy Candler
“Please do try these products. I suffer from knee pain after I ruptured medial ligaments 10 years ago playing football. I am a keen tennis player and want to carry on playing and the joint oil helps me to do this. The quality of these products are astonishing.”

Chris Williams
“I have tried many different “remedies” to help me with my arthritis in my hand as I expect many of you have. Without doubt the most successful has been the joint oil from The Body Therapy Company.”

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